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Mobile Vet Services

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What is it?

New start up mobile veterinary service for large animal backyard and in house pets, mainly focusing on goats, pigs, and chickens (but may include alpacas/llamas, ducks, outdoor rabbits, etc). 

Our Vets preform house/farm calls for exams for disease prevention, husbandry and nutrition counselling, treatment of injury, determination and treatment of disease, and recommendation for referral. 

They will determine the nature of disease or injury by examining pets/ large animals, restore health by treating animals surgically or medically, provide Health Certificates as needed for shows and travel.

They can also provide diagnostic testing and vaccinations as necessary per species.

How it Works

Our Mobile Vet Services promote the health of your animals by advising you about sanitation measures, feeding, and general care/husbandry as well as providing medical treatment at your farm.


Our Vets document their actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and animal records; and as necessary, reporting diseases to public health officials. 

Our Vets maintain current information through appropriate continuing education, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks, and participating in professional organizations.

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Services & Pricing

Services offered - We provide care for: 

  • Exotic Birds

  • Goats

  • Mini pigs

  • Chickens 

  • Along with the rest of ark animals - cats, dogs and rabbits.

Contact us to schedule services today.

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