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Meet the Instructors

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Meet Wendy

GOGA Instructor

Wendy is a 200 RYT.  She discovered her love of yoga in 2011.  She has always been very physically fit and enjoyed weightlifting and gymnastics.  Wendy found out that she has a connective tissue disorder and  was experiencing great deals of pain. She needed to find a way to be kind to her body while staying healthy.  Yoga was the answer.  She found yoga to be a great low-impact way to stay in shape, but also discovered it was amazing for her mind and spirit.  While focusing much of her practice on the ground, Wendy wanted to take her practice to a much “higher” level.  In 2012, she started training in Aerial yoga and became a certified Aerial yoga instructor in 2017.  


Struggling to find relief from her connective tissue disorder in the "modern" world of medicine, Wendy found great comfort and relief with yoga, chiropractic care and from working with energy healers.  Wendy's health greatly improved.  She delved into the world of holistic healing because she wanted to share the benefits with others. She has been a helper and a healer her entire life.  She has been told that she is a great comforter.  Energy healers have encouraged her for years to develop her gifts of healing and empathy.  They have supported and guided her on her learning journey.   Wendy is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healing 

Practitioner, Advanced Guided Meditation Practitioner and a Master Mindfulness Practitioner.  


Wendy has served as a Youth Leadership Director, Director of Girls Leadership, Director of Gymnastics and Director of Sports and Recreation for non-profit organizations in Southeastern WI. She has a passion for working with middle and high school students.   She has developed, coordinated and implemented leadership programs, training workshops and activities for middle and high school students.  She has a passion for helping teens realize their true potential.


Wendy is also a professional photographer and has a photo studio in Milton, GA.

Wendy  has 2 grown daughters.  She is an animal advocate and rescuer and is currently caring for 5 special needs dogs and 1 cat.  

Meet Stephanie

GOGA Instructor

Stephanie Wright is travel junkie, health nut, foodie, and lover of family, animals and life. She believes that yoga should be accessible to all, and strives to create a positive supportive environment for a true mind-body connection. 


Her path to yoga began after taking her first class at a local gym in Baton Rouge, Louisiana over 20 years ago. It was not until she moved to Alpharetta, Georgia, in 2009 that she revisited the practice by taking a few classes a month at a local gym. In 2014, she found Lift Yoga studio where she was able to learn from amazing instructors, deepen her practice, and find her true passion for yoga on and off her mat. 


After a minor back surgery in 2015, she struggled to find her balance and flexibility, and found it difficult to touch her toes. In Yoga, she found strength, and peace every time she stepped onto her mat, and learned that all things take time, consistency, and love. 


Life experiences, and completing her 200hrs at Lift Studio with Kim Saunders has allowed Stephanie to follow her childhood passion, and dream of helping others. She feels that coordinating the movement with the breath during each asana, encourages acceptance and flexibility, not only in the body, but also in the mind.

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Meet Kristin

GOGA Instructor

Kristin is recently 200 RYT Certified.  Being on Atlantis Dream Farm is definitely her happy place.  With the beauty of the outdoors in this amazing environment she seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing the body, mind, and soul with yoga.  Her hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced through a Vinyasa style yoga that combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing. She hopes to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, flexibility, limitations or experience.  


Kristin Cleare is coming to yoga with a background as a running coach and triathlete.  She started running marathons 15 years ago.  She became a running coach with Team in Training in 2007.  She has had the pleasure of coaching over one hundred people across the finish line while raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Through Team in Training she acquired a love for cycling and toleration for swimming and became a triathlete. Kristin has completed many races, including a Full Ironman in 2015.  All of this competing and training led to a need for stretching and healing.  She has found a sense of peace and joy through yoga as she tries to age gracefully. 

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