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Farm Sitting

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What is it?

If you have ever gone away for any length of time, you know that being on vacation can be more stressful than staying at home with your animals. 


Finding reliable experienced people to watch over your farm - horses, pigs, goats and more in your absence can be a good challenge.  


This is why good farm sitters are in demand.  Your everyday dog and cat sitter doesn't have the intensive and proven experience to work with livestock.  Nor do inexperienced, small animal sitters know what subtle and apparent signs of distress or injury look like in farm animals and livestock.

How it Works

How does  hiring "Mind the Farm" work?


We understand the stress involved  with finding a farm sitter who will treat your animals with superior care and attention.  To help reassure you, we will make a trial run visit for a "meet and greet" prior to starting our sitting services with you.  The more knowledge we have about your pets and their routine, the better care we can provide.


What makes Mind the Farm different?


I have a 5 acre farm and personally care for all my animals which includes, a Thoroughbred, Dwarf Pgymy Goats, a mini donkey, 13 Hens, Potbelly and Kundalini Pigs, cats and Rhodesian Ridgeback Pups.  I have always been around animals my entire life.  

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Services & Pricing

Services offered - We provide care for: 

  • Equine (horses, mules and donkeys)

  • Goats

  • Mini pigs

  • Chickens 

  • Along with the rest of ark animals - cats, dogs and rabbits.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule services today.

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